Mistress Angelica: Female Dominant













Longer sessions can be arranged, telephone (07591693959) or email for details.


Tributes shall be presented in a white envelope inscribed "Mistress Angelica'".








Gifts are always well received and appreciated as a sign that the slave knows how to please his Mistress.


Clothing: Dress size UK 10 - 12,

(Favourite online stores: and Newrock)

Shoe size UK 6,

Boot size UK 6.5

(Louboutin, Jimmy Choo, Gucci, Alexander McQueen, Alexander Wang are favourites) ,

Height: 5ft-5in (1.65m) in bare feet.

Perfume: Issey Miyake eau de toilette (in the cream box)

Make up and beauty products: Anything from the Clinique range

Flowers (No lilies)



French brandy

Katy rose cider





£80 for half an hour


£120 for an hour


£165 for 1.5 hours


£200 for 2 hours


£275 for 3 hours