Mistress Angelica: Female Dominant

My studio is based in North Staffordshire, it is positioned approximately 10 minutes away from Junction 15 of the M6. It is situated in a discrete area and is not a shared premises, (it is all Mine!) Ample parking is available very near to the chambers.


Areas of the studio


Main studio - My studio is open plan and spacious, fully mirrored down one wall and holds all of the equipment listed below.


Locker room - A separate room with wall to floor lockers. This room is being used as a bondage room at the moment and has the watersports area set up within it.


Cross Dressing area - Full (ever expanding!) wardrobe of clothing, shoes and accessories in lots of sizes, large variety of make up and wigs, full length mirrors to view the transformation.  Photographs of transformation can be arranged if discussed prior to sessioning, (small additional fee for this.)


Watersports area - An area where I can indulge in watersports should I so wish - full shower facilities are available for clean up afterwards.


Schoolroom area - I have My teachers desk and a small pupil desk set up in this area. With a blackboard, text books and, of course, My range of discipline toys this area keeps My pupils busy.


Medical play area - Those of you that know Me know that I am not a huge fan of the true medical fetish.  I do however have a medical couch and a full stirrup bench where internal examinations can be carried out. I can also carry out sounding, needle play and cupping should I so wish.


Prison cell - I have a claustrophobic prison cell.  I am able to plunge you into complete darkness whilst you are in the cell, or allow you some light.


Foot worship area - My throne takes centre stage in this area, you have a mat on the floor to grovel at My feet whilst I languish in the luxury of having My feet massaged or worshipped.


Photographic area - A professional photography backdrop allows Me to take a range of photgraphs of cross dressing transformations or any situation I so wish!


Chill out area - This is the place where you will be first taken to and return to at the end of session.  Comfy seating and plenty of reading matter if Mistress is kept busy elsewhere.


Toilets and shower facilities are provided and refreshments can be provided in the form of hot and/or cold drinks.



Large Equipment :-


St Andrews cross

Bondage bench

CP/Spanking bench

Medical stirrup bench

Medical examination bench

Prison cell

Animal cage

Vaulting horse

Leather saddle

Cock and balls stocks


Restrictive bondage table with full length body cage

Bondage A frame

Schoolroom furniture

Torture chair that can be used in a seated or prone position

Full leather, PVC and latex body bondage bags

Fixed pole for bondage

Watersports chair

Boot cleaning station

Latex vacuum bed



If you wish to bring some of your own equipment you need to discuss this prior to sessioning.  It is not usually a problem as I enjoy using new pieces of equipment and experimenting with new toys.

The Studio

Small Equipment :-


Cuffs, collars, leashes, blindfolds, chains and locks - huge variety

Straight jacket - leather

Hoods - leather, latex, PVC

Gags - variety

Nipple clamps and weights - large variety

Cock and ball clamps, weights and implements - huge variety

Cock and ball crusher

A Violet Wand

Vampire Gloves

Electrics with cock rings, ball clamps, pads and sounding probe

Sounding equipment - huge range of sizes from 2mm - 18mm

Urethral stretchers

Cupping equipment

Pin wheels - variety, the best being My 7 wheels of pins!

Whips, paddles, floggers, canes (including a delicious Dragon cane), sjambok

Large variety of anal probes/plugs, strap-ons and vibrators

Chastity cock cage - metal. Chastity cock sheath - leather

Ropes - huge variety, hemp included

Pegs - huge variety

and many more instruments of torture to use how I please.