Mistress Angelica - Dominatrix


If you would like to enquire about a Skype chat with me, here are the details you will need:

Prior to agreeing to connect on Skype, please read and agree to the following:

I am not 'offering a domination service' on Skype. I am happy to talk about vanilla and kink topics and I am happy to see you dressed in whatever outfit you see fit to present yourself to Me in, but I will NOT 'perform' for you. I will be dressed in an outfit of My choice (not yours), I do not expect anyone to request anything from Me. Just because we are online, it doesn't change the rules that I expect you to adhere to. You are here for Me, and you will accept what I want to give.
I reserve the right to set small online tasks to those I deem acceptable and up to the task.

Any abusive language or behaviour will result in an immediate cut off, with no refund.

Email Me for further information: [email protected]m

20 minutes - £25

30 minutes - £30