Mistress Angelica: Female Dominant

I am passionate about and My studio and have many toys and interests, some of which are listed below:


Tie and Tease - I am very well known for my seductive and sensual tie and tease, I interweave this seduction through many of My sessions. This form of domination is sometimes not seen as a true form of BDSM, which I do not understand, as to use the power of a woman’s (My) body to allure, placate, encourage and frustrate a submissive adds an extra dimension to any session. A very clever person once said that frustration is the toughest form of Domination to endure.


Pain - I have many options and pieces of equipment that administer pain.  I am adept at both torturing your mind and your body.  The severity of pain given can range from a mild nipple tug to severe sessions of corporal punishment, I enjoy and cater for all.  My enjoyment comes from watching a slave accept and challenge themselves to take pain for Me.  To observe this process is exhilarating. Below are some examples of how I enjoy giving pain.


Corporal Punishment (CP) – Using canes (including dragon cane), shambok, paddles, whips, crops, belts, floggers, spanking possibly OTK with hand or slipper.


Cock and Ball Torture (CBT) – The range of CBT is immense. From simply tying cock and balls to extreme whipping, ball busting, metal pegs and piercing – and everything in between.


Nipple Torture (NT) – Such a wonderfully sensitive area of the body, this is a fact that I use in my favour regularly.  Pinching, twisting, pegging, using clamps and weights and whipping are but a few of the many ways of getting a response from your nipples.


Electrics – I have a state of the art TENS machine that is specifically for fetish use.  I have cock rings and clamps and a fabulous sounding probe and anal probe to deliver delicious shocks to your body, both inside and out. I also own a genuine violet wand with several medical attachments.


Needle Play – Pinning and piercing of the scrotum and foreskin is an exciting interest for me.  All needles used are sterile and disposed of straight after use.


Anal Play - I utilise my stirrup bench regularly to explore holes!  I have a large variety of anal plugs and harnesses, strap ons, speclums (for medical examination.)  Hygiene and cleanliness is maintained at all times during anal play.


Chastity - I enjoy controlling slaves in this way. Either by holding keys to chastity devices or controlling on a daily/weekly basis how often someone can orgasm.


Watersports - I do revel in this area of domination.  Where as some see it as humiliation, I see it as a great pleasure for the slave if I decide to give them My champagne.


Humiliation - I have a varied and wicked imagination and can always find a way to humiliate.  The word humiliation can mean different things to different people.

Humiliation fantasies can be specifically planned for, or spontaneously decided upon, dependant on My wishes.

Humiliation may take the form of:

- Feminisation

- Providing a maid service

- Being collared and leashed

- Dog/animal training

- Verbal humiliation

- Confinement in a prison cell


Bondage - I adore all forms of bondage, I thrive on the feeling I get of utter and complete control, seeing you vulnerable and available, when you are restrained in My presence.  I am creative and will restrain you in varied positions.  My bondage bench, St Andrews cross and A frame are perfect for creating that vulnerable feeling!

I also have full leather, PVC and latex bondage sacks with hood, gags, hoods, leg spreader, rope, chains, padlocks.  I enjoy using plastic and rubber sheeting with bondage tape to mummify a slave’s body.


Fantasies and role play - I have the provision to incorporate role play into a session if I so wish. I have uniforms and outfits for certain role play scenarios.

When you first visit Me and even prior to that, in a phone call, I will enquire as to your fantasies.  When requesting certain fantasies take time to consider whether the reality of the fantasy is what you want.  Sometimes the term ‘Be careful what you wish for’, is relevant.


Cross Dressing - I have a large wardrobe of clothing, wigs, make up and accessories for cross dressing fantasies and feminisation.  I provide a safe environment to allow you to be who you want to be.


Bi-Play - I do organise bi-play sessions to entertain Myself.  All sessions are pre-arranged at My convenience.  Slaves involved in these sessions will be trusted and will have sessioned with Me on a one to one basis at least twice.  





Serve Mistress Angelica