Mistress Angelica: Female Dominant

Mistress' old blog entries

31/12/2015 - Over the years My style of domination has changed. This has been commented on by many a sub and slave. Anyone who has spent time talking to Me understands that I do not ‘provide a service.’ As I have written on copious occasions, there are many ‘Mistresses’ out there who will do exactly what you want in exactly the way in which you want it. They will be beautifully Topped from the bottom at every turn. That is not Me! I listen to a subs interests, I take onboard their hard boundaries and then I just dominate. No lists, no expectations, just freedom for Me, pure D/s. I wrote in My Christmas message 2015 about how I feel My ‘style’ has changed. The patience and balance in My play that now works alongside the passion and the fire, rounds Me into a fuller Dominatrix. I used the word ‘dangerous’ in My Christmas message and I’ve thought long and hard about using that word. I cannot think of another that describes the feeling within a session that encapsulates what I can do, should I so wish. The potential in My fingertips, to have a slave exactly where I want her/him, sings through My body and makes My mind work with pin sharp clarity. I have extended My interests into playing with My slaves in groups, couples play and dominance training. I would like to extend Myself further by attending more fetish events with My personal servant at My feet and I would like to learn how to brand safely.


What do I need from a sub/slave?


I know I need a slave to accept, unconditionally. To accept My choices and My decisions. He/she needs to trust in his/her Mistress, trust that I will not take them anywhere I am not convinced they are able to live with and cope with. Trust that I know all of their hard boundaries and trust that I will not send them into the vanilla world compromised in any way. My subs will often ask Me ‘What do I have to do to become a slave,’ and I will tell them to ‘Just keep breathing and following My instruction and lead.’  It is as simple as that, if you pull away all the static that can surround a D/s relationship. I lead, you follow.


During this year I have learned the importance of ensuring the slaves I surround Myself with are trained to My exacting standards. As My style of play changes and matures, so must their style of subservience to fit around My wants and needs. I have been shown time after time, exactly how My slaves support Me. In so many varied ways, from providing an ear to listening to My woes to pulling My studio apart to re-hanging mirrors to all the weird and wonderful things I concoct within My sessions. I have also learned how elements of jealousy within a slave can erode and end a D/s relationship in the blink of an eye. I understand the crucial need for trust at every level and if that trust is broken it cannot be resurrected. I understand that sometimes (very occasionally) it is absolutely necessary to de-collar a slave and to walk away and I have no fear of doing just that.


In Summary...


So, where does that leave Me now? It leaves you all with a Mistress who grows ever stronger with the support of her slaves. I am going to continue to enjoy My play with My subs and slaves in exactly the way in which I want to play with them on the day. I am going to keep pushing and pulling My training of all. But most importantly I’m going to keep smiling and enjoying My play. I read somewhere the other day about the whole D/s relationship and the description of what the relationship is. We use the word ‘play’ regularly. The definition of 'play' is ‘engage in activity for enjoyment and recreation rather than a serious or practical purpose.’ It is about enjoyment and fun and I think that little fact is sometimes forgotten. So, I will keep smiling and laughing and enjoying Myself. This does not mean I do not take My fetish seriously, it is part of Me and anyone who has been at My feet will know how serious I am about the scene and what it means to Me. The result is that I have found the lovely balance between the light and the dark, long may it continue.


27/12/2015 - Well, Christmas is over and it's that lovely period of slob out between Christmas and new year. I am dedicating lots of time to sipping champagne, eating nibbles and watching seasons 1-4 of Game of Thrones (gift) on Bluray. Luckily I have quite a short attention span when it comes the TV so 2 episodes at one sitting is ample, which is leaving Me plenty of time for writing and re vamping My studio.


Talking about studio, I am looking for any slaves who are good at a touch of carpentry or metal work, or both. I want to have a new cage made, which will be placed in My welcome/coffee area, so I can cage My slaves (standing) and keep an eye on them at all times. If there is anyone with the skills, tools and opportunity who is interested in serving Me in this way, send Me an email and we will discuss further.


I am in the process of making changes to My website and to My studio, so don't be surprised if you see differences in either area.


I can't wait to get My teeth into 2016!


19/12/2015 - My annual Christmas blog this year is going to be a mix of looking back and looking forward. The past year has been a very full one. I have enjoyed every second of studio play. I have acquired a range of new submissives who are under My training collar, all are progressing well. I have lost some slaves, for a variety of reasons, but it's always a sad moment to end a journey with a trained slave. I have enjoyed challenging My committed collared slaves in a huge variety of different ways. I am going to take a moment here to send a message to all My collared slaves, you know who you are. I know how difficult it can be to stay focused and alert to My wants and needs. I understand how hard it is to commit to My collar and constantly be there for Me, in whatever form that takes. I know I am asking more and more from My slaves and they keep stepping up to the mark, under My guidance. I appreciate everything and know what a lucky lady I am to have such a dedicated group of people around Me.


Back to My looking back, I released My baby into the big wide world, yes I'm talking about My first book -Chemin de Fer - co-written with My personal servant, currently available as an ebook or a paperback on Amazon. It took a lot of hard work to get the book to print and I want to thank all who proof read it and gave invaluable feedback. Book two is still under development and, fingers crossed, will be out in 2016 (if I pull My finger out!)


My boot collection has swelled this year. These days My boots have to be leather, have to be classy and have to be very worshipable. Having said that, any shoes or boots that take My eye are not safe on a shelf when I am shopping! I'm waiting for a stunning pair of boots to arrive from Germany, hopefully they will take centre stage in the first photos of 2016.


So, what else am I planning in 2016? More progression, more fun, more exciting new experiences. Yes, to all of the above. There's one thing that has been highlighted this year, on several occasions, and that is we never know what is around the corner and waiting for us. The importance of enjoying the here and now and appreciating what we have under our noses has been made very clear to Me. So I plan to do just that throughout 2016. I am going to grab every opportunity, to experience, grow and live.


Last year I talked about 'Fitting the Fur' and the feeling that began when I turned forty has continued to blossom. I know what I want and I know how to get it. I know the type of sub and/or slave I am looking for and I know how to train a sub to get him/ her to a slave collar. My play still comes directly from My heart but I am noticing that My ability to step back to weigh up a situation, to be logical and to be patient, (when it's called for,) has become part of My play. Does this come with age or experience or a combination of the two? I'm not sure, but I do know it makes Me more able to control. Does that mean I'm becoming increasingly....(what's the right word here?)...dangerous? What I do know is it means I can stretch My slaves to their limits and beyond whilst under My fingertips, never a bad thing :-)


I am looking forward to a brilliant, shiny and new 2016. It remains for Me to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy and healthy new year.


Mistress Angelica


19/12/2015 - Dates and info for your diary: I will be taking calls on the 21st (My birthday) and 22nd Dec. My phone will then be off on the 23rd-27th Dec. It will be on/off over the pre new year/new year period and then back to normal studio times on 4th Jan. Please note that My tribute is increasing in 2016, all changes can be found listed on My website.


12/12/2015 - I have been inundated with requests as to what I want for Christmas. I am a very lucky lady and have exactly what I need around Me already.  As to what I want, I have advised My subs and slaves that if they wish to purchase something for Me, buy something I can use in My studio. Something that will keep My eyes sparkling and My play fresh and exciting. I will not give lists, surprise Me!


1/12/2015 - The first of December, now how on earth did that happen? I have been quiet for a few weeks as I've been down and out with a nasty cold (I'm still coughing), but feeling fine now. I have already attended two Christmas parties and have eaten two Christmas meals and danced to two renditions of 'I wish it could be Christmas everyday,' so I am all warmed up for the festive season but not at all prepared in any other way.

My studio seems to have turned against Me recently. During the space of 24 hours My fridge, a standard lamp and a heater all gave up working. Yes, I have checked the fuses! It seems it was some sort of weird coincidence.

I opened the first door of My advent calendar today (see photo right) yes, it is an advent calendar! Isn't it amazing!

December is looking busy in My diary, I have very few appointments left but with all these nasty cold germs flying around there is always the chance of cancellations.

12/11/2015 - This is always a tetchy and vulgar subject for Me to broach, but it has come to a time when I have to. Tribute costs are going to be increased, as of 1/1/2016 My tributes will be as follows:


1 hour - £120

1.5 hours - £165

2 hours - £200

3 hours - £275


My tributes have remained the same for eight years and only after lengthy consideration and a huge hike in studio running costs have I made the tough decision to increase tributes. I understand that an increase will not be a popular decision but I have no choice if studio is to remain.


28/10/2015 - I now have copies of My book available in studio. If you want to purchase a copy, just ask.


26/10/2015 - A bit of an all round update coming up. Last week was a busy DIY week in studio. Lots of jobs done and sorted and a new Complete Enclosure room has been created (photos to come soon.) My book is now available on and and is selling steadily. It seems to be a 'Marmite' read. It's not for everyone, but then what is? I am working hard on getting book two into some sort of order.


I have bought a few new pairs of leather boots and several new leather whips, I'm sure they'll turn up on some photos soon.


I know this is a touchy subject but I have to mention the 'C' word...Yes, Christmas is just around the corner and I am getting questions sent to Me asking when will studio be open/closed over the festive period. I am planning on being in studio until the 18th Dec. I might decide to open up studio from the 28th-31st Dec (to be decided.) Studio will definitely re-open onTuesday 5th January 2016.


16/10/2015 - My book - Chemin De Fer - is now available to purchase as a paperback from

It will soon be available on and


11/10/2015 - See My message board (In the Members area) for My explanation of safe words and hard boundaries.


6/10/2015 - Time is slipping through My fingers again and we find ourselves in the month of October. This will (hopefully) be the month when My book will be printed as a paperback book, when I am going to have a total overhaul of studio (happening the week beginning 19th Oct) and the month that will stay warm and sunny. Ok, the last one might be a long shot but it is worth a try! Studio remains as active as ever, watch Twitter for regular updates from Myself and My slaves (MAngelica1UK) I am working hard on writing a second book, completely different from the first but just as insightful. I have some great new shots for the members page next week so keep an eye out for them.


27/9/2015 - It is that time of year again, when the nights get longer and the days get colder and I start looking at new boot collections! Just found these by Louboutin, gorgeous.


10/9/2015 - New members page photos posted. And this week there's a lot of them!


8/9/2015 - Studio is very busy at the moment, which means My diary is jammed packed. I never make any apologies for subs having to wait a few weeks to be booked into My diary. I am an experienced Domme and My diary reflects this fact. If you are contacting Me for the first time you need to note that a wait will be probable. I am not an 'on the day' sort of a Domme. Nor am I a 'service provider' type of Domme, the two really go hand in hand and I am neither. If you want to experience true domination, then you have to be prepared to work around My diary.