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5/10/2017 - To keep you all updated, I am planning on completely re vamping My website. This blog seems to have become a little redundant since I found Twitter @MAngelica1uk. If you want to keep up with the day to day ins and outs of My life then Twitter is the place to go but do watch this space for a new and super updated website.


17/7/2017 - Well, another month has passed and it's that summer holiday time of year again. My studio will close on Thursday 20th July and re-open on the 7th August. I will be keeping My eye on Twitter and My emails but I will not be contactable via the phone.


My video clips are still proving to be very popular, as are My YouTube clips, My most recent YouTube clip - hypothesis of craving  - is making people think, never a bad thing!


27/6/2017 - My studio will close on Thursday 29th June and re-open on Wednesday 5th July.


A quick catch up whilst I'm here. All has been going well, if you've been following Me on Twitter and YouTube, you'll know what has been happening. My short clips are also proving to be popular, all can be found at We all melted last week as the blip of hot weather turned studio into a sauna, having said that I thoroughly enjoyed it, I bought out the ice cubes - wonderful fun.


17/5/2017 - I will not be available on the phone until Tuesday 23rd May.


16/5/2017 - I am searching for a copy of The Leatherman's Handbook by Larry Townsend (1972) If anyone has a copy that is unwanted please contact Me.


6/4/2017 - I am going to design a new page on this website to accomodate these links to YouTube, but for now, here is number five


4/4/2017 - I'm on a roll, a fourth clip, filmed today is now on YouTube This clip explores the topics of My application and accetance process and also examines basic etiquette.


2/4/2017 - A third clip is now available on YouTube I will set up a page on My website where you will be able to access all YouTube clips.


30/3/2017 - Big News! I have two clips out on youtube if you click on the links below you'll go straight to them. The first is a swift explanation of who I am and why I am putting video clips out there and the second is an explanation about My collaring process.


Introduction -


Collaring Process and Thoughts -


14/3/2017  -

Okay! Spring is nearly here and it’s time for a three monthly update! Yes, I know, I have been a bit slack on the blogging front recently. So, what has been happening since Christmas? The answer to that is, lots of play in studio and some play outside of My studio! For those of you who don't know I was taken to Hoxton Dungeon, London by My personal servant to experience Mistress Caramel's dungeon. It was a fun outing, having My personal servant in chastity whilst on the train to and from London reminds Me of a book I've read...? :-) (hehe)


I experienced being a life model for the first time in My life, an interesting experience and one which has encouraged Me to pick up the charcoal, paints and brushes again, which is never a bad thing.


My chosen study in Life Coaching, which I embarked upon in September 2016, is going very well. As My tutor told Me a few weeks ago, 'You'll soon be released into the public domain,' which is a very exciting prospect.


Book three continues to elude Me. I am working on it. It needs some fairy dust magic in there to make it work. I’m sure it’ll happen when the time is right.


I had a running photoshoot at the end of February, which means My slave photographer took photos as I played in session. I have posted some of the pictures on My members page to give you a taster of the day.


Twitter (@MAngelica1uk) continues to be a source of entertainment and information. A big thanks to @MAslavem for all of his hard work on there and to all of My sibs and slaves who join in with the comments and posting.


I won’t leave it as long next time to post another blog.



19/12/2016 -


Christmas Message 2016


Another year, another Christmas message. I have commented several times this year, in My blog, about how swiftly time seems to be filtering through My fingers. This phenomenon happens as you get older, apparently! :-)


2016 has been full of new beginnings. For those of you who do not know, I returned to being a student in September, studying to become a life coach, specialising in relationships, sexual desires, kink and fetishes. I want to reassure all of you that I will not be stepping away from My play and My studio, far from it. My new qualification will simply add another string to My bow.


My second book - My Dinner Party - was published. It was a fun book to write as it plays around with one of My many fantasies. The book explores how a male slave is used during a dinner party for six women, with Me as hostess and lead dominant. Both of My books are available at in either paperback or kindle format.


I also entered into the world of video clips. After years of turning My back on filming My play I bought Myself a decent camera and have had hours of fun capturing many different types of play and interests of Mine. All clips can be found at and


Twitter has been fun this year. It has turned into the place where you can keep abreast with My day to day activities. I post regular updates covering a range of subjects. Everything from My baking escapades to studio news is aired, all tweets are usually accompanied with photos and short video clips. If you want to find Me on Twitter I'm @MAngelica1UK


I am looking forward to a quiet (ish) Christmas, which I'm sure will zooooom past and then we will be into 2017! Next year I hope My third book will be ready to be published. It will be different from books one (Chemin De Fer) and two (My Dinner Party). I'll have more news about this as 2017 unfolds.


As I approach My forty second year I am full of optimism for the coming year. My passion for the world of fetish and kink seems to extend and grow each year. During 2016 I have led and experienced a heap of new play scenarios, I have collared new slaves and I have a deeper understanding of My already collared slaves. I am hoping for all of the same and more during 2017.


I hope you all have a very merry Christmas and a fabulous new year.


From one very happy Mistress




12/11/2016 - Christmas List 2016


I have been asked as to what type of things I would like for Christmas. I have compiled a list below to give you some ideas.


Extreme Restraints


Zeus Twilight Premium Wand Kit £142.99


Awaken Electro Stimulation Gloves £31.74


Zeus 6 Channel digital Powerbox £188.72


Electrical Urethral Sound £35.72


Rosebud Urethral Sound Kit £63.53


The Dragon Kiss Whip £32.57





Dune Tan Boots – Size 6 - Product Code – 74177387 £170.00


Dune Pixie d leather knee high boots – Black – Size 6 – Product Code – 59500629 £170.00


Jimmy Choo – Romy 100 leather court shoes – Size 6 – Product Code – 68303105 £395.00


KG by Kurt Geiger – Evie Snake Print Courts – Black – Size 6 – Product Code – 54572393 £89.00


Office – Onto Leather Courts – Black – Size 6 – Product Code – 74271559 £68.00


Michael Michael Kors – Mirabel Leather Heeled Sandals – Black – Size 6 – Product Code – 70550702 £155.00


Carvela – Gear over the knee leather boots – Black – Size 6 - Product Code 70414301 £139.00




28/10/16 - I want to thank all of you who have shown concern and offered support after My car was bashed into by a drunk driver on Sunday evening. No-one was hurt but 6 cars were damaged in the accident, one of them being Mine! I hasten to add My car was parked and I wasn't in it. The man concerned was arrested at the scene (after I'd relieved him of his car keys and said a few choice words to him.) My car has a lot of damage and is being assessed and , hopefully, restored back to her shining glory. It's not been the best of weeks outside of studio, inside studio I've had fun :-)


6/10/2016 - I have come up with a new idea. It began as an idea for those of you who cannot serve and be at My feet in person and then I decided to extend it to include all.


I have acquired several black leather wristbands, which are a USB device too (see photos right).  I must stress here I have only three of the wristbands at this point in time.  I am planning to transfer 100 good quality images of Me (the choice of which is Mine) and several personal voice messages onto each USB wristband. The voice messages will explain how I want you to use the wristband and the images.


At this point anyone (be they a collared sub/slave of Mine or having never served Me before) can request a wristband. You will send your request to My email address:  I will then choose which requests receive a wristband.


Before sending your request, take the following into consideration:


•I will expect you to wear the wristband for periods of time.

•I will expect you to make time to worship the images and listen to the voice messages on a weekly basis.

•I will expect further contact with you, to ensure you are following My instructions.

•The wristbands measure 2cm in width and 22cm in length and are black leather.



The wristbands are priced at £150 each. Payment will be accepted in person (if you are one of My subs/slaves) or via Paypal.


You have until the 31st October 2016 to send Me a request. I will make My final decision as to which three lucky people will receive the wristbands by the 3rd November 2016.



19/8/2016 - Studio has been very busy this week. There's been a novice, lots of latex and a birthday! Not all on the same day! It is now Friday evening and I am relaxing with a glass of well deserved wine.


A quick reminder to all of those of you that are calling Me for the first time...I do not return calls so there is no point leaving a message asking Me to return your call, if you listened to My voicemail message you would know this! You have to keep trying (yes, I know I am diffiocult to get hold of via the telephone, it's because I am a busy lady). The best time to catch Me is usually between 8-10am or you can send Me an email and I will arrange a suitable time for you to call Me.


1/8/2016 - I have been back and now I'm off on My jollies again :-) Studio will be closed until the 8th August and I will not be taking phone calls until that date. 


2/7/2016 - My studio will now be closed until the 21st July. I will be staying in touch on Twitter @MAngelica1UK


19/6/2016 - Yes, I know, I know!! It's been ages since I wrote My blog. There's been loads going on, and that's no excuse simply the reason for the lack of blogging! I have begun putting short clips on (copy and paste it in into your browser) and loads of images are available on My new book - My Dinner Party is proving to be a hit and I am working on book three. Studio is really busy and lots of fun times are being had by all.

I am planning on shutting studio down from 2nd July - 20th July but I will be keeping everyone informed of what I'm up to whilst I'm away from studio :-) Watch Twitter for updates - MAngelica1UK


2/5/2016 - If you are one of My collared subs or slaves you need to turn your attention to My new page in the members area - Positions. This page shows My new training initiative. I will ONLY be training My collared submissives in the fifteen positions I have chosen.


29/4/2016 - Another month almost over! I have been very busy, for those of you that don't know (and there can't be many!) I attended the goth weekend at Whitby last week. A brilliant weekend was had, I met loads of interesting people and made lots of new contacts.

I have extended My photo galleries and now have a profile on I have even extended My profile to include a few short video clips. Find Me here: (copy and paste into your browser).


14/4/2016 - Update on the issues with My log in. I now believe the problem is not at My end.  It might be due to a lack of a Flash-plugin; Google have removed support for the Adobe flash plugin. Anybody using the Chrome browser, Chrome-OS (or possibly an Android phone) may experience this problem? Thanks mitch for the info :-)


12/4/2016 - There have been problems going on with My log in to My members area. I think I have sorted them now but if anyone is continuing to have issues send Me an email with details.


31/3/2016 - My new ebook is available on Amazon - My Dinner Party - I am looking forward to hearing your feedback.


14/3/2016 - The revamp at studio is continuing. A complete overhaul of the main studio play area is underway. All this sorting out is excellent fun, I'm finding toys I'd forgotten I'd got!


01/03/2016 - I have been spending time reorganising part of studio. I've been meaning to get around to sorting out aaaallllll of My clothes and boots for months now and I have finally done it! I now have a full walk-in wardrobe and lots more space to play in! (see photo)


14/02/2016 - My studio is having a wonderful new piece of equipment constructed within it. A full, standing enclosure cage is under development. I am very excited about having a new cage. Whilst wandering around B&Q at the weekend looking for suitable fixings for the cage, My eyes wandered to the ropes and chains area. I just could not resist purchasing more chain.


21/01/2016 - Following up from the last blog. My email address is still being temperamental. If you do send an email to that address, and do not get a reply within 48 hours, assume that the email hasn't arrived in My inbox. I have a new email address that I am going to slowly transfer over to: I would advise you all to start using the new address.


10/01/2016 - A quick message to say that I am having huge issues with My email account. For anyone who has filled in a questionnaire form recently, you need to know I might not have received it. I have now resolved this issue and the form is working again. I will be changing My email address at some point in the very near future, I will keep you all informed.




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