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3/9/2015 - I am back from My few days away. I have been inducting several new subs into My studio recently. I sometimes forget just how 'alternative' a lifestyle I lead, but it all becomes clear when a 'newbie' walks into My studio. When I observe the look of wonder on his face, the tremor in his hands, the catch in his voice as he scans the toys and equipment I have at My fingertips, I realise just what I have created and see it through fresh eyes.  


Talking about My toys at studio, I am planning to spend some cash on several new items and replace several existing items that are well worn and slightly .....temperamental (electrics box and accessories.) I will blog when I have made My decision as to what will be coming in to studio. If you follow Twitter you will know that I have already extended My CP toy collection by purchasing a new thick leather whip.


25/8/2015 - A note for your diaries - Studio will be closed from Thursday 27th August - Tuesday 1st September. It will re open on Wednesday 2nd September. I will take calls on Thursday 27th but then My phone will be off until Wed 2nd Sept.


21/8/2015 - I have had several emails and texts from people simply not believing that I spend some of My spare time making jam and baking! I find it a most creative and relaxing pass-time and right at this moment I have a huge pan of tomato chutney bubbling away and two new jars of blackberry jam in the cupboard, made earlier in the week. You'd better believe it!  


19/8/2015 - As stated recently on Twitter I was flabergasted recently when I noticed the blackberries had started to turn black. This, to Me, signals an end to summer (what summer?) but the start of jam making season :-) If anyone has bush loads of fruit going spare - raspberries, plums, blackberries, strawberries, blueberries - send them My way. I am a dab hand at crumbles, pies and jams.


16/8/2015 - I have had a fantastic day, I came across two fabulous bargains in a car boot sale. A vintage leather writing case and an antique school cane, both bargains. Both of them are wonderful additions to My schoolroom.


An update on My new book - Chemin De Fer - sales are going well, the feedback for the book is all positive and exciting. I am looking at getting hard copies printed. Book two is already underway, it is not a part two to book one, it is something completely different.



I am back from hols with exciting news. My first book, that I have co-written, is now out there, published and available on Amazon Kindle ebooks. It is titled Chemin de Fer - if you enjoy reading fetish/bdsm/erotica you should put it on your reading list. The book tells both the Mistress' and subs' side of a story. I hope you all enjoy it, it is a new venture for Me and I will be interested in getting constructive feedback.


15/7/2015 - Well, the time has come for Me to close studio for a few weeks. Those of you that know Me well will know that I (My body) really needs this break. I am rather exhausted as the last six months have been packed full of wonderful things. I will not be contactable until 4th August. My email and phone will be switched off. I hope you all have a fabulous end of July and I am looking forward to springing back into studio with fully recharged batteries in August.


5/7/2015 - It has been over a month since I last blogged, where does this time fly to? Studio has been busy, as per, and I have been enjoying the start of summer. A note for your diaries - Studio will be closed from 16th July - 4th August.


2/6/2015 - My bank holiday mini break was wonderful and I returned to studio last week with a spring in My step and a glint in My eyes. That glint dimmed today as I found Myself in the dentist chair having a filling! And now I am sat at home with a numb mouth trying not to glamorous, not!


As many of you have noticed I have backed off from Twitter a little recently. There is no problem at all, I am just sussing out how these new laws that our government brought out last month, are going to affect tweets etc. So, there might not be as much of a flow of photos going on there as there has been but I will always have a comment or three to put out there!


20/5/2015 - Studio will be closed from Friday 22nd May - Tuesday 26th May. I will not be available via phone, email or Twitter during this period. I will take calls and emails from Wednesday 27th May. Fingers and toes crossed for a sunny bank holiday.


10/05/2015 -  The Light Bulb Moment


I just love it when that light bulb moment occurs in a sub. When they understand that it is not about any one thing, it is about everything. It cannot be focused on or analysed or understood. All it can be is accepted. When they understand that nothing is everything and everything could be nothing. I've watched that moment occur and it is like watching a chick hatch from its egg. There's exhaustion, there's disorientation but the overriding feeling I have observed is one of pure relief. Relief that they know they are owned. Collared and Mine. There is absolute clarity. There is no doubt, fear or questioning. A blanket of acceptance falls upon their shoulders and surrounds them, wrapping them securely. It is the moment they find their true submissive/slave within.



3/5/2015 - Copy and paste this link into your browser to read about some thoughts I have had about etiquette and worship.



24/4/2015 - It has been a busy week in studio. The sun has been shining and the sky has been blue and we’ve all been happy, happy all through! Sunshine = Ray Banns and sun-cream on. I have been spoilt, champagne, perfume. I have met with novices, subs and My experienced/collared slaves. I have played, played, played  And I am now prancing around in My fishnets for fishnet Friday (see Twitter for photos MAngelica1UK)



16/4/2015 - Does Size Matter?

Yes, I know what has popped into your head....penises, cocks and size of etc. Now, before you get carried away, let Me stop you and say My question has nothing to do with male genitalia. My question relates to the height of a Mistress. Does a Mistress’ height make the slightest bit of difference to a slave? It is not a question that I have ever considered, until just the other day. During a recent conversation the chat rotated towards My height (or lack of according to him ) and this adding to the delight of his submission to Me. From what I understand Me being shorter than him and yet able to control his every movement and every action, is a very exciting thing.

From this exchange I began to think about what he had said. I put My high heels on every day. They give Me an addition 5 or 6 inches, so My height goes from a perfectly average 5’5’’ to an elegant 5’10’’-5’11’’ So, why do I do this? Having spent some time thinking about it the number one reason is because I adore My heels. The finer the stiletto the more I desire to wear them. The stronger the leather aroma the more I enjoy wearing them. The second reason is that by elongating My legs and by adding inches I feel it adds an elegance and stature and yes, I have to admit, a dominant feeling. Obviously, the heels do not give Me an actual physical height dominance in all cases, some slaves still tower over Me when stood. So is it the heel that gives Me that feeling or the extra height? A question to be answered at a later date perhaps.

Back to the question in hand, does the stature of a Mistress matter to a slave? Open for discussion. I want to know your thoughts and opinions.



27/3/2015 - There is a new spotlight on piece in My members area. It is all about Me!


20/3/2015 - Right! Warning everyone, I am stepping up onto My soap box, one heeled and booted foot at a time. Here we go.....It is an old topic, but it’s a good one and I need to have a little rant about it.

I have been contacted several times in the last few weeks by people who have written very long and very detailed ‘I want’ lists. For example, ‘When I arrive at your studio I will be wearing pink panties and I want to be stripped and caned and whipped.......etc’

Now, I do not know how many times I need to say this but ‘I want’ gets absolutely nothing in My book or in My studio. This is how it works, I listen, and am interested in understanding a person’s experiences and kinks and I definitely need to know about hard boundaries but then I need to be left alone to do what I do best – control and dominate. I will NOT be Topped from the bottom. I have no interest in inviting the ‘I want’ brigade to My studio. I am not a clichéd service provider. I am a Domme who has worked hard, (and continues to work hard,) to have My own fetish studio that predominantly caters for My interests. When a prospective sub contacts Me I assess their qualities and attitude and I then make a decision based on a detailed conversation. I only invite people into My space who I deem have the qualities to become a submissive of Mine and maybe, one day, a slave of Mine. My subs and slaves are My playthings. They improve My life, they allow Me to play freely and follow My heart. They are there for their Mistress. They know their place, they know they are collared and owned. These are the true submissives that I cherry pick and train and mould. So, if your email to Me begins with ‘I want’ do not bother sending it to Me. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of ‘service provider’ Dommes out there to choose from. I have nothing against these women but service providing is not My style, it is not Me. Ok, I’m stepping off the soap box.



12/3/2015 - Note to all. If you want to keep an eye on what happens in My studio on a day to day, week to week basis check out Twitter - MAngelica1UK


I am also listed on Fetlife and ProfessionalMistresses as MAngelica


6/3/2015 - I have finally got around to organising a photo shoot, it took place in studio on Thursday. Trying to pose and create certain 'faces' has always proved difficult for Me. I am no actress and when asked to 'pull a stern face' I struggle and what usually happens is I crack a smile! Of course, it is different in session, those feelings that My subs and slaves witness all come straight from My heart. Faking it is not easy, I see that as a positive.


25/2/2015 - I have placed a new spotlight on......piece in the members area, titled 'Broken Rules.'


11/2/2015 - I promised a few weeks ago to give everyone more details about the new couples play that I am adding to My studio activities. After having several different experiences of couples in studio I decided I wanted to use My space as a safe area where couples can explore and play together, under My supervision. I am not renting out the studio for couples to play alone, I will be present at all times to ensure play is safe and consensual.

I can organise chats over a hot drink to give tips and hints, plan and carry out tutoring sessions and/or full play sessions. Now, obviously there is the question of where each partner sits happily, on the Dom or sub side? I am happy to allow people to explore, under My guidance, if they are unsure of their kinks. If you are interested do remember, I am the Domme of My studio. I am NOT a switch and I will NOT take orders from others. I will listen to interests and adhere to solid hard boundaries in play. Tribute costs will be discussed on contact.


30/1/2015 - I must get into a habit of blogging more often. I blink and before you know it a month has gone by and it's nearly February. Studio has been very busy, absolutely no complaints there from Me. It has been great to welcome some new year newbies and fab to catch up with all My subs and slaves after the Christmas break.

There isn't much new news for Me to impart other than to say I have opened a Twitter account. I decided to dip My toe in the big fetish social networking scene out there. If anyone is interested in following Me I am listed as MAngelica1UK. Obviously, My website is where all of the important information and news is passed on but I am hoping to be able to Twitter as I go, if I so feel the need.

For those who do not know I am also on Fetlife as MAngelica.

One last piece of info, I have decided to extend My interests into offering tutorials for couples. I have accumulated experience in the area and have enjoyed being part of several couples journies. I will write more about this new string to My bow and put it on site shortly.


1/1/2015 - Happy New Year to all. I'm recovering from a very very late night but am looking forward to making 2015 a memorable one.


29/12/14 - I hope you all had a happy and healthy Christmas. We are nearing the end of, what has been for Me, an exceedingly exciting year. I am looking forward to more thrills and spills in 2015. I have added to My total of collared slaves, I have slaves that I can put into chastity, at My whim and will. I have slaves in training, maids in waiting............ and a partridge in a pear tree, :-) (no I don't have a partridge, but if I wanted one I'm sure I could have one :-))

I hope 2015 brings with it more of the same. I'm sure they'll be challenges and hurdles to overcome but I'm sure that as long as I have the support of My subs and slaves around Me I know that I will fly through them all.

An update on whether studio will be open today/tomorrow. I have been into studio today, to do some much needed sorting out, and the temperature was not tropical! With more cold weather forecast for tomorrow I have decided to keep studio shut until the new year.


13/12/14 - This is an info blog, studio will be closed from the 18th December until the 5th January 2015. I have tinkered with the possibility of opening studio on the 29th and 30th Dec, I'm still not convinced it will happen as My personal diary looks quite full but, watch this space, if I change My mind I'll blog to let you all know.


8/12/14 - I'm entering the Christmas zone! I have some tasteful decorations up at studio and have begun singing Jingle Bells to My bondage slaves :-) haha, I did warn you in My last blog!

I have put a new piece of writing on My spotlight on.... page.

For those of you that don't know I attended a local fetish event last night and I will be writing about that experience and putting it on site soon.


17/11/14 - I've just realised it has been a few weeks since My last blog! Time is doing that crazy thing of flying towards Christmas at a rate of knots. Before we know it the tinsel will be out and I'll be singing carols around studio, (torture in it's sweetest form :-))

The last few weeks have been full of Me on the search for a new car as My lovely old reliable baby is giving up on Me. I've decided that trawling Autotrader is not as pleasureable as trawling sites for new toys for studio. I came to the conclusion that as I am approaching My 40th Birthday, I am going to buy a proper sports car to spend My 40th year in, bring on the mid life crisis!


3/11/14 - I have an ask. If anyone has a working, unlocked Samsung S4 phone, that they do not need, can it be passed My way. I dropped Mine today on a slate floor and cracked the screen! Or, does anyone know where I can get a screen replacement done for a reasonable price? Send Me an email if you have any info -


27/10/14 - Just a heads up to everyone, I have had several cancellations due to colds and flu etc (I appreciate the cancellations rather than having people turn up with germs,) however, I have some limited diary space for this week and next. If you are interested in booking a session, call Me for more details and specifics of dates and times available.


16/10/2014 - I am going to use My blog today to remind all of you that if you have a session booked and then come down with a sore throat, a cough, the sniffles, a temperature etc then you MUST call Me, email Me or text Me and cancel your session. I do not want a sub/slave turning up on My doorstep with cold/flu like symptoms. There are two huge reasons why: 1. I do not want your germs. 2. you will not be able to give Me your all if your body is battling and fighting a virus, this leads to a frustrating session.

you have been warned, if anyone turns up snuffling and coughing you will be told to go home.


5/10/2014 - I've just realised it has been a while since I last blogged. As the season of Autumn creeps upon us all, I find Myself in a reflective mood. I have a cacophony of submissives and a grouping of slaves that have pandered to My wants and needs through this year. I began the year by putting one slave into long term chastity, and now have two slaves tackling this challenging form of submission for Me, their Mistress. I have met new subs and challenged old. I’ve pushed My learning, with regards to rope bondage, electrics and needle play.  I have collared several new slaves, but there is no doubt that the biggest area of learning this year, so far, has been around the ever developing bond between a Mistress and Her slave. Some of My slaves have had a very challenging 2014 and during these times it has been intriguing to observe how the D/s relationship has been stretched, worked and strengthened. As we progress through the latter months of the year I am excited about where My journey is taking Me.


11/9/2014 - To let you all know, I have arrived safely back from hols and am fully recovered, some hot sunshine and relaxing has worked wonders. I will be back in studio and available to take calls, as planned, on Monday 15th.


27/8/2014 - I would not usually post about My physical well being but I am aware that many of you have been trying to contact Me, without success. I am battling a nasty and raging ear infection and am feeling pretty yucky! Any advice on getting rid of an ear infection, (bar using the antibiotic drops that are being applied regularly), would be gratefully appreciated.

Studio will now have to be closed until I return from My planned hols, so will reopen on 15th September.


15/8/2014 - If you rotate towards the members area you will find new members page photos, a new slave story and a new spotlight on piece.


8/8/2014 - Photoshoot pics on members page.


6/8/2014 - I have been modelling away today in another photo shoot, watch the members page for the results over the next few weeks.


5/8/2014 - I have to post this photo, taken today, (see right (now removed)) Now, pay close attention to the boots....yes!!! They are the Louboutin boots I had My eyes on. Fantastic!


30/7/2014 - I have posted a new bondage scenario on My spotlight on..... page. Feedback would be appreciated. I have also put a new slave's story on site. It is a short piece from one of My subs explaining his thoughts over the course of 17 days in chastity.


29/7/2014 - I am back! I am internet shopping again, I'm hunting for a solid pair of leather cuffs for My new bondage frame, something that does not cut into the skin and allows a sub/slave to hang by the wrists from them, should I so wish.


24/7/2014 - Studio will be closed until Tuesday as I am away.


21/7/2014 - OMG! Check out item number 111412694208 on eBay, Fabulous Christian Louboutin boots.


19/7/2014 - I have posted the last part of A slave's story. It was an intriguing read for Me. I want to voice, at this point, that to publish such a personal account is no easy thing to do and I applaud the honesty of the piece. If you want the opportunity to tell your fetish story/journey, email Me.


9/7/2014 - See photos (right) of My new bondage frame in use. I have also purchased a new piece of CP equipment - a bamboo beater.


4/7/2014 - I have had a new piece of equipment installed at studio, it is a bondage frame. It means when I have a sub restrained on it I have 360 degree access. Perfect! :-)

See My message board for more info as to what I have been up to this week.


30/6/2014 - The missing spon has turned up!!!! Hidden beneath the cloth that is draped from one of the screens in studio! What a relief, the world can keep turning now. :-)


19/6/2014 - I have posted another Spotlight on......piece and the next part of A slave's story is also on site. The PVC members page photographs seem to have had a very interesting effect on many of My subs and slaves, I might decide to keep them there for another week!


13/6/2014 - Dum dum duuuuuum! It is Friday 13th and tonight there is going to be a full moon, apparently these two events will not coincide again until 2049, so make the most of the magic occasion. I, for one, shall be absorbing the special night and dreaming up new pixie dust spells (one for those of you that know I sprinkle pixie/fairy dust on all who walk through My studio doors :-) -  joking................ (perhaps!))


6/6/2014 - Part II of A slave's story is now in My members area.


31/5/2014 - I have been overwhelmed by the response to My new 'Spotlight on......' feature and 'A slave's story.' All comments are welcome, the features will be changed next week.


25/5/2014 - There is a new members page photo of Me onsite today and, in the members area only, there is a new page. I have set up a page where My slaves can tell their own stories, they can pen down their personal fetish journey and let others read about it. I have started with a slave, who's story is split into five parts, I think many of you will find it quite riveting, I know I did.


20/5/2014 - I have lots of pink news today. At the weekend I bought a heap more cross dressing underwear, all Ann Summers. And the second piece of pink news is that today My beloved pink GHD hair straighteners stopped working! It's not the fuse and it's not because I haven't flicked the on switch! (before any 'clever' comments come in along that line.) They have broken, it is time for a new pair.


17/5/2014 - I have been busy at studio, cleaning and sorting, a wonderful spring clear out, see the members area main page for evidence of My playtime at studio today. It is wonderful when you rediscover items you forgot you had and try them on and they look A-mazing! I hope you have all been enjoying the sunshine, don't forget the sun cream, I do NOT want any burnt bodies in studio next week, you have been warned!


8/5/2014 - For those of you that have been into studio recently you'll have seen and probably talked about, My cage within a cage. A chastity device, My chastity device, that a slave of Mine wears for long/short periods of time, (My choice) is 'resting.' When will it be freed from the cage? Well now, that is the question.


5/5/2014 - Part Four - My Story - is in the members area.


21/4/2014 - I am back! Fab mini break had at this end. I hope you all had a wonderful Easter. I will be taking phone calls as normal tomorrow (Tuesday) morning.


16/4/2014 - PS. The house is called 'Maison de Rêves' - House of Dreams.


15/4/2014 - For those of you that I have bored to tears talking about My new 'project' I can reveal that the 'practice' version is now residing in studio. For those of you that do not know what I am talking about, I have been designing and making a fetish dolls house. The idea being that I am going to design a huge house suitable for Barbie and Ken dolls to get up to all sorts of mischief in :-) In preparation I tackled a smaller version (1:12 scale) first before throwing Myself into the main event.


14/4/2014 - Just a quick note to let you all know I shall be away from Friday 18th- Monday 21st April. I will not be answering emails or phone calls from Thursday afternoon - Monday (late evening.)  I hope you all have a happy Easter break.


11/4/2014 - To keep everyone updated, the spon never turned up! A real Studio mystery. Moving on, I appreciate all the thought that has gone into the 100 words request. I have received many, a real varied mix. I know how they will be used, you will all have to wait a little while to see where they are utilised.


5/4/2014 - I have just purchased a saddle, a gorgeous leather saddle.........and more butter paddles (perfect for warming the buttocks), and a vintage policemans truncheon and a watercolour of the Moulin Rouge. Not bad for one shopping trip!!!


31/3/2014 - A first for Me today, I thrashed a sub using fresh birch that had been kept moist. I can now say, from hands on experience, that birch was used for a reason. It whips and bites very, very well, take it from One who now knows.


30/3/2014 - Part Three of The History of Domination is on site.


29/3/2014 - Part Three of The History of Domination is on its way. MA


25/3/2014 - I have an ask, a request. This is for all of you that have visited My studio and have submitted to Me. Those of you that are collared, those of you that serve Me, those of you that have firsthand experience of My skills and talents. I want comments, I want feedback, I am giving you 100 words, no more, to describe/explain the effect, the ambiance, the skill, the place, the Woman. It needs to be understood that this feedback might be made public. You can text, (07591693959), email, (, or type your comments in the members area guestbook. I look forward to reading them.


18/3/2014 - I have an unsolved mystery happening at studio. My spon has gone missing!! Your what? I hear you all crying.......My spon, a wonderfully heavy, double sided, wooden spoon type of CP toy. I turned studio upside down this morning searching for it, I have probably been wandering around with it, dishing out some liberal strokes and put it down somewhere, but can I find it? I cannot!

So, here is the challenge, if anyone spots the spon around studio, alert Me immediately. See photo (right) to see what you are all looking for. I am quite perplexed by the loss of it and will not settle until it is found.


3/2014 - Question: Is £840 too much to spend on a pair of boots? I know, it's a tough one! Check out item No. 321341008632 on eBay to see My issue/dilema!


28/2/2014 - New images posted on the members page.


16/2/2014 - Part Two posted.


16/2/2014 - Part Two of The History of Domination will be on site very soon. I have decided to split it into a three parter as I have excelled at wittering on for pages and pages!


15/2/2014 - I have had a re arrangement of equipment at studio, sometimes it is good to refresh things. During the shuffling of toys I found items that I'd forgotten I had got, the joys of having too many things! Can One ever have too many toys? I think not! As mentioned in January I am hoping to have a new, large piece of equipment in studio within the next few months, designs are being decided as I speak. I do hope you are all staying safe in this abominable weather, batten those hatches down for a few more days yet.

PS. A new members page photo has been posted today.


9/2/2014 - New members page photo and see photo (in studio gallery), I've been spending on new whips and crops.


7/2/2014 - There are new photos dotted around in all of My galleries.


7/2/2014 - Due to the popularity of the images that I have been posting on My members page recently, I am going to start a weekly feature of 'photo of the week', the aim being to have a fresh photo on the members page every single week of this year.


1/2/2014 - Happy Chinese New Year - The year of the horse. I was born in the year of the tiger - roooar, I like that little fact.

New pics on the members page.


28/1/2014 - I have been the recipient of several new pieces of equipment recently. To list but a few, I have: a new electrics box (much sharper and grittier than the last), a claw (a sensory piece of equipment), more sounding devices, nipple clamps,  vampire gloves, a new dressage whip, a new full length dressing mirror.


There are plans afoot for a new, large piece of equipment, more about that another time but let Me just say I have been inspired by the Dominatrixes of the past and this piece of equipment will be a nod to those fabulous women.


22/1/2014 - Part One of The History of Domination is in the members area of My website. Enjoy reading it, I want feedback.

Part two will look at Dominatrixes from the 17th Century to the present day.


19/1/2014 - For those of you that are interested I am working on a piece of writing (as mentioned in My new year blog posted on the 1st Jan.) I am hoping to split the piece into two parts, I will have part one  posted on My website in the very near future.


12/1/2014 - I've spent a good few hours this afternoon surfing the internet looking at fetish toys. I can spend many a happy hour doing this, I can lose a whole afternoon searching through My favourite websites. It usually ends in a purchase or three. Today, inspired by a gift I received for Christmas, I ended up on uber kinky's website and found several interesting items. The E-Stim Vyper is worth a look at and might be My next purchase, the tipped crops (round, triangular and split) are also fantastic looking toys. As several of My leather crops are looking a little worse for wear they too might be on the shopping list. As I always say, you can never have too many clothes, shoes, boots (see below) or fetish toys. :-)

Re boots, I have found another pair - Vionnet open toe leather boots - that I have My eyes closely fixed to, watch this space.


2/1/2014 - My phone will be switched on and I will be taking calls tomorrow (Friday.) I am not in studio tomorrow, I return on Monday 6th, bring on 2014!!!


1/1/2014 - Happy New Year to all, My new year was brought in fuelled with champagne, hence the late blog entry today!

Other , much more interesting, news is that I am busy reading a book titled 'The History & Arts of the Dominatrix' it is opening My eyes to the extensive documented history of the female Dominatrix/Goddess and the sacred practices and Goddess religion that date back thousands of years. The term 'Dominatrix' only appeared during the twentieth century, 'Governess' was utilised from the seventeenth to the nineteenth century but written evidence of such Female wonders is rare. Move back in time further still and we start to find evidence of a time when female Goddesses were worshipped and had ultimate power over civilisations. I am going to study and write about My learning’s to educate My submissives as to how integral a ‘woman in control’, has been and is, in society through the centuries. It seems that the extensive history of the Goddess/ Governess/ Dominatrix/ Mistress in society is an important, necessary and powerful thing. A little light reading for you all in the not too distant future. :-)


27/12/2013 - I hope you all got through the Christmas celebrations unscathed and are looking forward to celebrating the new year in style. I have had a fantastic time, so far, and the good news is all the mince pies have been eaten, the pine needles are still on the tree and there is plenty of booze stashed in the cupboard :-) I am settling down to a day of watching trashy Christmas films, feet up, fire lit, while the wind and rain batters at the window pane. Now I could really do with one of those long since eaten mince pies :-)


22/12/2013 - I want to say many thanks for all the Birthday wishes, presents and cards I received yesterday, and thank you to My internet sub for the website birthday message :-) It does not pass Me by, at times like this, just what a very lucky woman I am and if that sounds slightly soppy blame the mulled wine!!!

This year has been full of challenges for Me, some of which I have battled and been victorious, others that I am still battling but am adamant that I am going to beat. I am looking forward to a Christmas full of hope and happiness and cannot wait for the new year to see what 2014 brings. I wish you all a  Christmas full of joy and a new year full of promise.


16/12/2013 - All went well today, I appreciate all the best wishes that have been sent via text and email.


15/12/2013 - FYI - I will have My phone turned off until Tuesday afternoon/Wednesday morning. I am off into hospital for a simple medical procedure tomorrow so will not be contactable.


5/12/2013 - As I open up number 5 on My advent calendar, (a 3D pop up elaborate thing bought for Me by a friend that saw it and thought of Me! What that says about Me, I am not sure), I am met with the image of a pregnant Mary on a donkey.

As the year draws to a close I have been reflecting on what has been a tough year, at times, for Me. There is nothing that makes a person feel more vulnerable than illness and being unwell but I also think there is nothing that makes a person stronger. Unfortunately, the latter only becomes apparent when all the nasty rubbish has cleared away.

Within studio, I have met many new subs this year and have continued My journey with My commited subs. Let's hope that 2014 brings with it more of the same.


PS. Everyone take care out there today, the weather is not looking too clever.


19/11/2013 - It is getting close to that time of the year again, and I know a lot of you will be screaming 'Nooooooooo' at Me even going near the subject but it has to be broached – Christmas. As many of you will know it is the time of year when My diary fills up in the blink of an eye so if you were planning a visit to My studio in December you need to call Me now to have any chance of securing a session.

The other reason why I am tackling this subject is the amount of emails and texts I am getting asking Me what I want for Christmas. Let Me make clear at this point, I do not expect a gift, I am merely going to list some items that I feel would be of benefit to Me and should any sub so wish, they can purchase. I adore soft leather gloves, wrist length, elbow length, full arm length, in black, I am a hand size medium. I love silk scarves, the sort that go well with a black dress. Any tasteful form of jewellery, nothing garish. Issey Miyake perfume (see gift section on tribute page of site for the correct perfume.) Toys for studio are always welcomed as are scented candles (not vanilla.) Books and reading matter are also consumed at a pace, I shall leave it to you if you are going down this path of purchase. Let us hope you choose well.

Let Me reiterate, these are not expected gifts,  it is merely a guideline for those of you that wish to purchase a gift to present to Me.


15/11/2013 - I am reading a rather intriguing book that one of My subs has loaned Me. It is titled 'You beat people up for a living, don't you, Mummy?' Not the most catchiest of titles but a very interesting read. It is a collection of interviews where Dommes/Mistresses tell their stories in their own words. I am only a short way into the book and already I am fascinated by the womens range and variety of stories and circumstances that lead them to becoming a Dominatrix. The back cover of the book asks two eye opening questions. Sex Goddess or sex worker? Therapist or whore? I suppose, over the thousands of years that Dominant women have asserted their control, each of those titles has been covered. But where does a Domme stand now? We are told that society is becoming more open minded and accepting, but is it really?

Those questions aside, the book, through the interviews, challenges societies preconceptions, and I'm all for that. It states the book ' takes you to a place where eroticism co-exists with horror, humour and weirdness; a place where fantasy merges with madness.' I like that quote, it sums up what My studio and I am all about.



9/11/2013 - I have been utterly intrigued by the variety of responses to the question raised. Most have notably pointed towards the fact of the vulnerability coming from the psychological state of a sub in an unrestrained position. The fact that they have to control their thoughts, movements and actions without pain or restraint puts the submissive in a place where they have to work twice as hard to control themselves, heightening the feeling of personal achievement when they do.


One sub stated, ‘Unshackled the sub makes a decision to carry on, which makes Your power even more alluring than the Dominatrix who must use shackles to achieve Her purpose.’


Another, on the message board, points towards it being a natural progression of a D/s relationship. When a sub ‘feels’ the reality of the situation an acceptance then occurs of their place when in My presence. The sub then expresses this is in his/her actions whether restrained or not and the ‘vulnerability’ that I observe is the sub expressing those ‘feelings and aspirations.’


I conclude from this that it is the D/s relationship, that I mould and sculpt, allows this level of submission to occur during a session?


The question that immediately springs into My mind from that conclusion is: Does every sub get to this place? No, is the honest answer. However, part of the attraction for Me as a Domme who uses a natural approach to Domination, (opposed to a forced self styling), is seeing a submissive getting to that ‘eureka’ moment, getting to the ‘essence of a D/s relationship.’



5/11/2013 - Question - Why does a sub feel more vulnerable when out of bondage and restraints, when in My presence? I'd be intrigued to hear your answers.


19/10/2013 - Check out the new members page photos. Such fun to be had with some gingerbread and icing!!


14/10/2013 - Great news, I managed to get back in to My beloved studio today and session. No health traumas have resulted from the session, well not from My side of things anyway!!


10/10/2013 - Finally, some good news. I am going to try and ease Myself back into sessions next week. I will be taking a very limited number of sessions. :-)


6/10/2013 - I promised to keep you all updated. As feared My recovery is proving to be a rocky road. The honest fact is the initial kidney infection diagnosis led to a number of complications and set backs. I hardly dare say anything, (because I have shouted 'recovering' before and have been struck down by something else), but I think that I am now making some headway to being able to be back on My feet.

Studio has been a desolate place and it is at times like these that I realise just how important My chosen way of life is to Me. I miss studio, I miss the control, (My Control), I miss My subs, (their submission), I miss the ambiance of a session and the smells of leather, rubber, metal........

I do have the wonderful knowledge that, while I have fight in My soul and breath in My body, they are there, waiting for Me. They will never leave Me nor I them.


28/9/2013 - Update. Yeah! I have broadband back, so I can now access the blog page - obviously. Now for the not so good news, I took a turn for the worse this week and have had to have further treatment, this rendered My recovery plan useless and I am now taking it one day at a time. It has been a tough few weeks for Me, personally, dealing with ill health, and I want to thank all of you that have offered support and help.


15/9/2013 - I thought it was time to pen an explanation as to why some of you are really struggling to contact Me and keep getting the voicemail message and slow responses to emails. I am in the midst of a nasty kidney infection that has led to further complications. I have a wonderful medical team behind Me and am told I should be over the worst, (fingers, toes and eyes crossed!) I ask for your patience as I need more time to fully recover from the bashing My body has taken recently. I am answering emails and texts, so do not be put off from sending them, but there might be an extended period of time between you sending the message and Me replying.

I appreciate the best wishes that have already been sent by My subs and slaves that are aware of the situation.


30/8/2013 - (Mx16 + Cx1 + Lx2) + (Tx5 + Nx2 + Bx33) - The 'Feel Good Formula.' Crack the six factors in the formula and follow it and your life will be happy, apparently! They pay people good money to work this kind of stuff out!!!


28/8/2013 - Those eagle eyed amongst you will have noticed that I have been very quiet recently ( not like Me at all!) There have been reasons for this. This blog is just to say, I am still here, alive but not quite kicking yet, getting there.


5/8/2013 - Someone has read My last blog and then sent Me an email asking if he can be a guinea pig if I get some sounds!! Someone tell him how proficient I am in sounding via the message board. Quite made Me smile when I read it. Little does he know just what I can do with a sound.


4/08/2013 - I have been dabbling in medical play recently, with the specific addition of rubber. The joys of being able to strap down/restrain a 'patient' and examine, probe, observe and administer are becoming rather fun interests of Mine. I am enjoying weaving the presence of latex through a medical play session, the material seems to add weight to the medical 'feel' of the play. Over the next few months do not be surprised if a few new toys appear in studio that can extend My interest, knowledge and experience in this area.


31/07/2013 - I will not be available on the phone today but will be keeping in contact via emails. This is just for today only.

PS. The shoes (below) have been allocated, so no more emails.



24/7/2013 - I have a pair of seriously worn out shoes that I was about to throw in the bin but the a thought occurred to Me that perhaps I should be a bit more inventive. Is there anyone out there that would want to own a pair of My very worn, very battered shoes? (see photo) And if so, what would they do to own them? Interesting thought. For more information contact Me via email: (

Let Me make this clear, the people interested in owning My old shoes will be vetted and the one that is judged to have the best reason to receive the shoes will be notified by Myself and postal arrangements will be made from there. Re-cycling at its best. :-)


17/7/2013 - The temperatures continue to soar and although I do seriously adore this weather studio has become a sauna, great for the pores!!! :-) I have decided enough sweating and glowing is enough and am enjoying the sunshine this afternoon. I am sat in the garden, in My yellow bikini eating a Fab lolly, bliss. Do be aware that any phone calls taken will probably be listened in to by the neighbours, it will give them something to talk about I'm sure! :-)


13/7/2013 - I do hope you are all slapping on the sun cream and hats I would hate to think of anyone turning up to studio next week with sun burnt skin, it would truely sting if certain pieces of equipment were to be used on it! :-)

After years of trying to tan My Celt/Viking skin tone has taken on a slight glow recently, returning from My holiday to this weather has brought out the freckles and a noticeable colour change. For the first time ever in My life, when comparing skin tones with a sub, My skin was not the whitest!! Fear not though a bronzed belle I will never be and never shall I stray below a factor 50 sun cream.


6/7/2013 - I'm back! Well rested from My hols. My phone will be back on to take calls on Monday morning.


13/6/2013 - New images on site.


9/6/2013 - FYI - Studio will be closed from 21st June - 7th July, it will re open on the 8th July.


4/6/2013 - I have a pair of brand new boots to sell to anyone interested. I purchased them from the USA and on arrival found they were too big for Me on the calf. They are a UK size 6 and are still wrapped in the box they arrived in. See photo to the right. If you would like more information or more photos email Me at


28/5/2013 - I know I have talked about this before on My blog but it's worth bringing it up again as over the bank holiday weekend I had several calls that so frustrated yet intrigued Me.


Ok, it goes like this, I pick up the phone and after sub on the other end has introduced himself he goes on to declare what he 'wants.' One even went so far as to explain his 'fantasy' and then used the words, 'that's My fantasy, can you make that come true? 'Bring on the Domme..........cue Jaws music :-)

After informing said sub about the way in which I do not stand for Topping from the bottom (I'll not go over the details you all know the blurb, (well you do if you've read My website!!)) He went very quiet and said, or words to this effect, ' I haven't really thought about it like that before, that is proper submission, that is what I have been searching for.' PING!! And the lightbulb comes on. Now these people, you may think, are novices who know no better, you'd be wrong, they have visited other Mistresses and yet have never truly submitted. They've merely told the Domme what they want and the Domme has 'provided the service.' That's not submission, that is Topping.


So, I suppose the people I should turn My attention to are the Mistresses out there who have no understanding of Domination or want to Dominate. There are many, many, many of them out there. Beautiful women who look the part but have little or no clue. Let Me shout it from the roof tops, I AM NOT ONE OF THOSE DOMMES!! Climbing down off soap box now. :-)


26/5/2013 - Spot the two new photos :-)


22/5/2013 - Another day, another photo shoot! Yes, you read correctly, more new images are being processed as we speak. I was excited to be in the presence of another fabulous female today, she did not appear in front of the camera but made her wonderful self truely felt in studio.


14/5/2013- I have had a cancellation on Thursday 16th (this week) I am letting you all know as it is very rare for Me to have a gap in My diary.


11/5/2013 - New photgraphs are on site.


9/5/2013 - A very exciting day today. I got My fingers on some of the images from a recent photo shoot, watch the galleries, they'll be popping up very soon.


2/5/2013 - I am going to be away until the 7th May, hope you all have a rain free bank holiday.


1/5/2013 - Watch this space everyone, I had a photoshoot yesterday and am looking forward to putting the new images in My gallery.


24/4/2013 - I am looking for a special pair of boots. If anyone comes across a pair of Agent Provocateur black leather thigh high boots named Ruxandria (UK size 6) for sale can you let Me know. The hunt is on!!!!


14/4/2013 - I watched the cult film 'Maitresse' last night. For those of you who haven't seen it, it is set in Paris in the 1970's and when a petty thief breaks into an apartment and finds more than he bargains for in the form of a beautiful Mistress and her wonderful world. He is thrown in at the deep end by the Mistress and struggles to comprehend the 'rules' of the black marble dungeon. As they swiftly fall in love both struggle to find their feet in unfamiliar territory.


The film was banned for years from most mainstream cinemas due to the torture and fetishism shown, it was released in an edited format until sense was seen and now the fully uncut version can be purchased.


Watching the dungeon scenes last night I was struck by how beautifully they were filmed and how the viewer is left in no doubt that the scenarios are consensual and how strange it was that the film was banned beacuse of these 'offensive scenes' (not My words.) I saw nothing that offended Me during the 'graphic scenes.' the scenes that were used as an excuse to ban the film from most cinemas. No, I saw nothing that offended and shocked Me until .........and those of you that have seen the film will know what I'm going to say here....... the abattoir scene. Those few minutes of the film sickened Me and turned My stomach. A completely vanilla and regular event sickened Me to the core. The brutality and non consensual element of the scene was harsh and completely offensive to My eyes. It highlighted, to Me, the importance of the consensual nature of the torture and control shown within the Mistress' dungeon.


Some may argue that perhaps My understanding of what is and is not 'acceptable' to the masses, may be severely warped. But I came away from the film wondering why the film was banned for the reasons it was and not for the open brutality of what happens in an equine abattoir, that, to Me, is very warped. Let Me know your views on the message board in the members area.


9/4/2013 - Toe news - it is healing. I am managing to resist the temptation to stay off the heels until it is fully mended - a huge achievement for Me.


A quick reminder to all that you have to re-register on this site as a member. you cannot just use your old username and password from My old site and expect it to work. Go to the member login/join page and fill in the form.


6/4/2013 - For those of you who read and pay attention to My blogs you will have noticed that I mentioned about a sore toe in a previous blog (on old site, use link to access.) Well, it appears, after further examination by those in the know, that I have done a fantastic job of traumatising the nail and I'm now bandaged up!! (see photo.) Don't worry, it won't be long before I'm back in My beloved high heels again! :-)



4/4/2013 - As promised, welcome to My new site. It is a reflection of My development as a Dominatrix. There are no huge surprises for those who know Me, simply a progression and an update of information and images. This site is still under development and may change subtly over the next few months so that it looks and works in exactly the way in which I want it to.


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