Mistress Angelica: Female Dominant

This page tells you a little about Me and My interests.  Obviously, I have many wonderful and varied facets and layers to My personality, and you have to visit to witness them all.


The first thing I have to address is the fact that every session I carry out is an enjoyable experience for Me.  I Domme because I have a need to dominate.  It is a need that courses through My veins everyday, a need that cannot be ignored.


My style, My persona, My way of Dominating is unique, as is every good Dommes'.  I am going to explain, in My own words, My own 'uniqueness' as a Dominatrix.

I consider myself a sensual and sensuous Professional Domme.  I am 43 years of age. My sessions are carried out in a calm and controlled manner.  I am not sadistic however, be under no illusions, I am always in complete control and I do have a playful, wicked and, at times, cruel side which can be unleashed.  I am equally proficient and magnificent in carrying out a severe session of CP as I am in frustrating a cock to the point of explosion during a tie and tease session. I am very able to lull you into a false sense of security, once relaxed you are vulnerable.  I am then able to use you to indulge My fantasies and desires in whatever way I see fit.


Seven to seventeen seconds is the length of time it takes to make a first impression, according to leading psychologists and writers.  So, it is realistic to conclude that an awful lot of that 'first impression' is made through the visual sense.  Keeping this in mind it is unsurprising that My looks are one of the first things to be appraised.  They are considered to be 'different' from many other Dommes.  The blonde hair and blue eyes are not typical of the Dominatrix look.  I refuse to dye My hair dark and paste Myself with make up to create an image to match others pre-conceived ideas of how a Domme should look. The same goes with My choice of dress, some days I want to dress in PVC or leather, other days I will choose items that are softer perhaps lace or velvet.  This is My choice and it has no relevance on My abilities to control.


Some subs are initially challenged by the fact that I refuse to 'pretend' to be something I am not.  I do not play the Ice Queen or the archetypical dark persona.  Shock, horror! I smile during sessions, I laugh, I enjoy Myself.  I very rarely swear, I very rarely need to.  If I am having a bad day, you will know about it, and possibly be used to vent those feelings.  If I am upset, you will be used to abate those feelings.  I will not hide My feelings from you, you will fit in around Me.


And now, another shocking piece of news, I am approachable, intelligent, highly motivated and very interested in people in general. This does not make Me a soft Domme, a soft touch, (ask any sub who has been over My spanking bench!) I do not suffer or tolerate fools or time wasters. Being approachable, asking relevant questions simply guarantees My enjoyment during session.

I look to build a rapport with My submissives and slaves, they are My life-line, My playthings.  I need them well both physically and emotionally so I can play with them to My satisfaction.  


I am often asked what My favourite area of BDSM is.  I struggle to answer this question, as all areas of BDSM are My passion.  My mood, how I feel and My desires will dictate and decipher My ‘favourite’ area of the day.  I also go through phases of enjoying certain areas of interest more than others, as many devoted people in the BDSM scene do.  


I will always insist on a phone conversation before inviting any slave to My studio for a session. It is important for Me to understand your interests and experiences.  I ask for you to be honest and open during these communications.  The more honest you can be, the better, the more satisfying, the more fulfilling a session it will be for both Me and you.


I am a very demanding Mistress and will challenge My slaves, of that I can promise.  Whether the challenge is physical, emotional or psychological, or all of the above, you will be pushed to your limits, and sometimes beyond.

I expect absolute devotion from My slaves whilst in session with Me.


Mistress Angelica

Tel: 07591693959

Withheld and private numbers will be ignored.

I do not return calls.

Mistress Angelica:

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