Mistress Angelica: Female Dominant


I have had the great pleasure of introducing, training and playing with a growing number of couples, so I thought it was about time I dedicated a page to this area of My play. As I have matured I have stretched My fingertips into this interest and have found I thoroughly enjoy the abundance of fun that can be created from playing with people that know each other very well.


I want to make very clear at this point that I am not hiring out My studio to couples to allow them to play in it alone. I am always present and in full control of every play session that happens within My four walls. I have male/female couples who are both submissive to Me, I have couples where one partner is dominant and the other sub and I have couples that switch regularly. The one rule throughout the play is that I am always in charge of the play, I say what goes and when.

I also have the capacity to hold training sessions for men, women and couples who wish to learn or practice their dominance skills. I have watched several wonderful people blossom, under My tutelage, as they develop their confidence within My studio both with the toys and equipment and with their style of dominating. I am able to take complete beginners or the more experienced fetish player and offer advice and direction.


This experience is excellent for the less confident or just people that want to dip their toe into the scene and need to do it in a 'safe' environment. I have all the knowledge and experience necessary to ensure all will leave My studio having learned something, about themselves or the scene, or both.

Dominance Training


Couples - 1 hour   -    £150

                1.5 hours - £225

                2 hours -    £275

                3 hours -    £395


Dominance Training - Tributes vary depending on type of session. Call for more information. Mistress Angelica, Tel: 07591693959