Mistress Angelica - Dominatrix


Over the years I have altered the way in which I conduct the initial contact process. With the birth of this new website I am going to lay down a simple set of rules which must be followed. I will not respond to initial enquiries via text or social media.

All enquiries relating to real time sessions will now be accepted only via email. In your initial email I need you to include your name, age and a brief description of your experience to date. I would also like an explanation of why, in particular, you are contacting me.

If I like what I read on your email, you will get a reply within 24 hours (unless I am on holiday). I will include my telephone number in the reply and you will follow my instructions as to when to call.

Following the telephone conversation, where I will gather all the information I need and you will be able to ask any questions you have, I will make a decision as to whether I want to invite you to my studio and to my feet.

Email: mistressangelica1uk@gmail.com

This change in the way I am accepting initial contacts has come about because I realised that a well constructed, honest and respectful written contact was my preferred way of beginning to get to know people. As explained on my home page, I am selective about who I invite into my studio. So I figured, if a person cannot spare a few minutes to write an informative email, then they are not the sort of person I want around me and/or serving me. I need to make clear, I am not expecting essays, simply a helpful base to start my learning.


Important messages, e.g. Holidays, Studio Closure, etc will appear here.

1. I have updated My Amazon wishlist in preparation for Christmas.


2. My studio will be closed 20/12/2018 - 8/1/2019

3. Birthday and Christmas gifts: I am being asked on a daily basis about what I would like. I have an Amazon wish list (see above for link) which has a variety of items listed. Note: When you get to checkout, if it will not send to Me directly, it is because the item is not coming directly from Amazon. In these cases, if you contact Me via email, stating what you wish to purchase, and then purchase an Amazon gift card that covers the cost, I can order the item Myself.

If Amazon is not for you I enjoy shopping at Leatherotics for toys and clothes and Clinique for make up/toiletries. I am always happy to receive new toys for My studio, everything from the mundane (latex gloves) to the extreme (let your imagination run wild!)

Thank you for all of the gifts I have already received.