Mistress Angelica - Dominatrix


Over the years I have altered the way in which I conduct the initial contact process. With the birth of this new website I am going to lay down a simple set of rules which must be followed. I will not respond to initial enquiries via text or social media.

All enquiries relating to real time sessions will now be accepted only via email. In your initial email I need you to include your name, age and a brief description of your experience to date. I would also like an explanation of why, in particular, you are contacting me.

If I like what I read on your email, you will get a reply within 24 hours (unless I am on holiday). I will include my telephone number in the reply and you will follow my instructions as to when to call.

Following the telephone conversation, where I will gather all the information I need and you will be able to ask any questions you have, I will make a decision as to whether I want to invite you to my studio and to my feet.

Email: mistressangelica1uk@gmail.com

This change in the way I am accepting initial contacts has come about because I realised that a well constructed, honest and respectful written contact was my preferred way of beginning to get to know people. As explained on my home page, I am selective about who I invite into my studio. So I figured, if a person cannot spare a few minutes to write an informative email, then they are not the sort of person I want around me and/or serving me. I need to make clear, I am not expecting essays, simply a helpful base to start my learning.


Important messages, e.g. Holidays, Studio Closure, etc will appear here.